YES – New Jersey’s Newest Technical High School is located in Cumberland County

Businesses now more than ever need a well-trained and highly skilled workforce to compete in a global economy. This state-of-the-art educational facility will serveas a catalyst for the elevated growth and expansion of existing and future businessand industry located here.

Cumberland County Technical Education Center will not only provide integrated and innovative pathways for learning, the school will complete the acclaimed workforce development model centrally located on the County’s college campus nearby its strongest workforce development partners.

Welcome to where you can learn more about this landmark school project being funded considerably by the State Department of Education and about the Cumberland County Improvement Authority which is also managing and funding this historic economic development resource.

Applying to CCTEC

When the new Cumberland County Technical Education Center opens its’ doors in 2016, area students will have the opportunity to enroll in integrated technical high school education programs geared toward making them workforce ready and/or college ready.  Applicants must be enrolled in 8th grade during the 2015-2016 school year and live in Cumberland County.  To preregister for required applicant information sessions, click here.

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