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Loan Guarantee Program 7(A) Export Working Capital Loan (EWCP)
Eligible Borrowers: For profit businesses;
Proposes to start or expand an existing business in the US;
Reasonable owner equity (20% or more for start-up) to invest;
Uses alternative financial resource first including personal assets.
Applicants for a EWCP, in addition to meeting the eligibility criteria applicable to all 7(a) loans, must have a history of at least 12 full months of operation prior to filing an application, or have demonstrated export expertise from prior business experience.
Loan Amount: Up to $2,000,000 Up to $1,250,000
Estimated Interest Rate: For more information, please call (856) 415-2283. For more information, please call (856) 415-2283.
Terms: Maximum of 25 years for real estate and Capital Assets and up to 10 years, depending on Cash Flow Statement, for M & E, Furniture and Fixtures, Leasehold Improvements, etc. One year
Permitted Uses: Proceeds can be used for most business purposes. To acquire inventory or pay for both direct and indirect costs used for the manufacture of goods or to purchase goods or services for exports;
To finance foreign receivables;
To support standby letters of credit used as bid or performance bonds.
Application Fee: See Lender See Lender
Other Special Requirements: See Lender See Lender